When it comes to speakers there are many different options out there. Today I want to talk about one specific thing and that is Back canned speakers. You might be wondering what exactly back canned speakers are. Most of us are familiar with how speakers look, and when you turn it over you see a magnet and open cavities in the back this is how the majority of speakers look. When it comes to a back canned speaker however the back is completely sealed off. This brings me to the first major benefit of a back canned speaker.

  1. Noise Reduction: Now what do I mean by this? Let’s say you are wanting to put a movie theater in your basement or want to play music through your home with a traditional set of ceiling speakers you are going to hear everything playing from the floor below. Traditional open can speakers do not channel the sound down like a back canned speaker. This means your floor becomes a speaker box and allows the noise to travel up through the floor. This does not happen when you put in a back canned speaker since it forces all of the sounds out of the front of the speaker instead of in all directions.
  2. Cost: Now when it comes to cost on electronics prices can vary. If you are looking to purchase a pair of decent traditional in-ceiling speakers you can find them for about 130-160 dollars each. When it comes to back canned you can purchase Tannoy ict503 speakers for $210 apiece. Now, you’re probably thinking well 210 is more than 130 how can they cost less. Let’s go back to our first point of noise reeducation. Say you buy the 130 dollar speakers install them and you’re happy, but after about two weeks you can’t fall asleep or you’re yelling for the kids to turn the TV down because the sounds coming through the floor. Then you look for the option to reduce that noise so you go online and see they make a box for this but that box costs you $110 dollars a piece or more now your 130 dollar speaker turned into 240 or more. if you went with the back canned from the beginning you would have never had this issue and would have saved some money along the way.
  3. Waterproof: One big advantage of the back can is that it completely encloses your speaker from the element. This is great if you have an outdoor area you would like to bring sound to. with a back canned speaker, you’re going to increase the longevity of your speaker because it is protected. no more corroded wires shorting out your speakers and rendering them useless. With the increased life span you won’t have to swap out speakers and is another way to save you some money in the long run.
  4. Sound Quality: When it comes to speakers sound is very important. not all speakers are made the same and how those speakers sound can be dramatically different. With the back canned speaker, it has been designed to force the sound into one direction. This focused sound gives you better sound quality and less ambient noise. With an open can speaker, it might not sound as good because the sound is going in all directions, or it could sound too shallow or hallow depending on what’s behind it. With better sound, you will have a better experience be it watching a movie or listening to your favorite music.