The Ring Floodlight is one of several innovative Ring products that Digital Revolution offers and installs. It is a motion-activated security camera equipped with two LED floodlights, two-way talk, and a security siren. The Floodlight Cam is armed with the most advanced motion sensors in home security; rigged with a 270-degree motion detection radius and 30-foot custom motion zones. The camera’s 140-degree field-of-view surveys blind spots and detect motion even around corners. The camera’s motion zones and schedule are also fully customizable. When triggered by motion, the lights and camera will automatically activate and an alert will send directly to your smart device. From there, users can examine live video feed, have two-way conversations, and fully operate the camera, lights, and siren.

As with all of our Ring products, the Floodlight captures live video in 1080p HD and is outfitted with night vision. Video and audio feed captured by the Cam can be live-streamed or reviewed directly from your smart device. If users choose to pay for the Ring Protection Plan for $3 a month, all video and audio footage is saved to the user’s account for 60 days and can be shared and downloaded to a drive or a computer for safekeeping. Because Ring products operate through Amazon, they work with Alexa; connecting easily to Amazon Fire TV, Echo, or tablets. Ring products will notify users when motion is detected through any and all of these devices, allowing users to see, hear, and speak to people on camera.

Ring products are the perfect segway into home security technology; offering quality, but affordable home security that can be easily managed even if you are unfamiliar with the technology. The Ring Floodlight itself runs for $250, but Digital Revolution will provide the product, give a thorough run-down of its features, and install it in your home for a grand total of only $300!