The Ring Doorbell Pro is one of the many cutting-edge products that Digital Revolution sells and installs. Ring is the perfect, entry-level security product, offering a range of features that can be controlled directly from your smart device. The Ring Doorbell Pro captures both audio and video, which can be monitored from your smart device. Ring captures video footage in 1080p with a 160-degree field view. The system is also equipped with night vision, as well as motion sensors that promptly send alerts to your phone or device whenever motion is detected nearby. These motion zones can be set and revised easily from your smart device. The Ring also acts as an intercom system, allowing for two-way conversations between homeowners and visitors. The footage collected from the Ring system can be viewed live from your smart device, or with the $3 monthly fee, footage can be saved and viewed indefinitely.

The Ring Doorbell Pro is top of the line when it comes to quality; competing only with Nest Hello for the best product of its kind. The main difference between these products is their parent companies; Ring works through Amazon, while Nest operates through Google. However, Ring offers slightly better video quality and only charges $3 per month for video storage, as opposed to Nest’s $5 monthly fee. Because Ring is an Amazon product, it can be operated through Amazon Fire TV, tablets, and other smart products. The market price of the Ring Doorbell Pro is $250, but Digital Revolution will provide the product, give a thorough run-down of its features, and install it in your home for only $300. Ring also offers wireless products that are compatible with homes that don’t have doorbells.

Ring Doorbell Pro is the ideal first step for homeowners that are just getting started with home security systems. Ring is a simple, affordable solution that can be easily managed, even if you are unfamiliar with the technology