Digital Revolution prefers to use back-canned speakers over open-ended speakers due to their sound-amplifying design and overall superior quality. Unlike an open-back speaker, which disperses sound in all different directions, a back-canned speaker is designed to force sound in a single direction, which eliminates the concern of noise escaping into unwanted spaces. Replicating the noise reduction of a back-canned speaker through floors and walls with an open-back speaker is possible, but requires the purchase and installation of an extra box. Although back-canned speakers are a little more expensive upfront, choosing back-canned speakers not only promises the best sound quality and noise reduction, but will end up saving you money and time in the future!

When equipping your home with audio, Digital Revolution not only recommends, but chooses to use, the brands Tannoy and Monitor Audio. Both of these trusted companies build fantastic-sounding speakers that are back-canned and reasonably priced.