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Home Theaters

Dreaming of enjoying a luxury, Hollywood-style movie experience without leaving the comfort of your own home? Digital Revolution can transform those dreams into a reality by designing and installing the perfect multi-functional media room or home theater for your home!

Room Design

Here at Digital Revolution, our ingenuity and expertise in room design guarantees you the most quality experience in your special space. Our attention to detail with sound placement and our multi-tiered seating design ensures superior acoustics.

What’s the Best Home Theater System for you?

Before designing the perfect home theater or media room in your home, you first need to examine the size of the space you wish to transform. This helps determine the appropriate speaker set-up that will maximize your space for the most quality user experience. Smaller spaces may only require a 5.1 surround-system or a soundbar, while larger spaces can be furnished with a larger, surround-sound setup, such as; Dolby Atmos. The size of the space also determines whether to install a projector or TV. Larger spaces can be equipped with a projector paired with a large screen; however, smaller rooms might be limited to a 65” TV. Digital Revolution can help design any room, large or small, to not only fit your needs, but provide you with the best experience possible!


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